Tony Holder Trophy

Every year one of the competitions we play on the Comrades Club Golf Tour is for the Tony Holder Trophy, the story behind the name is, Tony won the trophy in its first year, so decided to sponsor it, it was quite apt, as a few years later Tony sadly passed away, we now play for it in his memory.

One of our Society players Shaun Doran, had the brilliant idea of sending the society photo to Tony’s wife Brenda, this is what he wrote.

“Hi Bren – the Comrades Club golf society went on tour last week to Warwickshire (posh for south Birmingham!). The high point of the three days away was the presentation of the Tony Holder Cup for the winner of Day 2 – here’s the evidence complete with the winner, Andy Malone. As you can imagine, we raised several glasses to Tony.

“Hi Shaun,

What a lovely surprise and how kind of you to send the photo of the very distinguished gents from the Comrades on their golf tour, remembering dear Tony. Actually, I had remembered you all being away at this time of year  – Tone being absent on our Ruby Wedding Anniversary ( 10/6/2012 ) springs to mind !!!!!

I think it’s lovely of the club to remember him like this and he would be so chuffed.

Please give them my good wishes and I send my love to you and Dor

Bren xx”